Malda Riots – Hindus Unite to save India!

Malda riots have once again proven the fact that for India to remain secular, civilised and peaceful, it has to have Hindu majority. It’s because of the secular fabric of India, the credit of which goes to majority Hindus, that India is the largest secular democracy in the world. The philosophy of Sanatan Dharma, which is inclusive of all faiths and respect’s everyone’s choice of religion, has led to peaceful co-existence of so many religions in one country! No where in the world, a majority has been so kind and accommodative than the Hindus. This very fabric which binds all Indians and gives India a great nation’s tag is now being threatened, thanks to vote bank and lowly appeasement politics. One such glaring example at the moment is West Bengal, led by the Mamata Banerjee government, which has failed utterly in controlling jihadi outfits and Bangladeshi infiltration, thanks to her greed for power.

Malda’s situation is a blot on modern civilizations. What kind of illiterate people go around mindlessly destroying public property, ransacking shops and homes, burn vehicles and cause so much havoc? Absolute shame on all those violent, brutal, aggressive and uneducated Muslims, who destroyed an entire town! This cannot be dismissed as an incident created by few misguided youths. How does one explain the violence perpetuated by 250000 Muslims in a small town? When a mob of this size gets mobilised, then one needs to wake up and think. Think for themselves, think for their children and the future of their nation. Where are we heading? Is India losing its grip on secularism and are the jihadi mullahs taking over India slowly? Is Bengal rapidly turning into Kashmir? Next will be UP, then Kerala and then where? Will it end when India no more remains Hindustan but becomes another Muslim-stan?

Wake up people! Hindus must unite, leave their petty differences aside based on casteism to maintain the secular fabric of the country or else these mullahs will destroy our Nation, like they have been doing in Middle East. If Hindus didn’t get united NOW, then when? Bihar elections was a debacle as ignorant and gullible Biharis fell for political tactics and casteism. What is happening in Bihar now is a testimonial that Hindus are divided but Muslims are united, and this is what the politicians are taking advantage of. They know that Hindus are passive, while it’s easy to emotionally arouse the Muslims and use them for vote bank. Muslims are united when in minority and they keep their differences of belonging to different sects at a side. It’s high time that Hindus begin to understand this, stop being selfish and think for the nation, for the greater good of their land and their future generations. This is a win-win situation for not just Hindus but people of all faiths. I personally would feel safe any day under a Hindu majority rather than being targeted by Sunni Muslim government, since I am a Shia.

Why am I saying such harsh things, despite belonging to Muslim background? Because I am not stupid and I don’t get carried away by religious bigotry. I understand that for all of my fellow Indians to live in peace and harmony, India should remain secular, which can be maintained only by rational and logical Hindus. We need to understand that it’s very easy to polarise the Muslims because of poverty and lack of education in India. Thanks to six decades of Congress rule, Muslims have been purposely kept under poverty and used as mere vote banks. Today the Muslims are fighting against Hindus, tomorrow if they become majority, then they will fight amongst themselves like in other Muslim countries; Sunni-Shia fight is well known to everyone. Any sane Muslim will agree with my views and I hope that these sane ones will find the courage and speak the truth instead of hiding like cowards. Many are quick to abuse the truth as you will see on this post, but none will come forward to agree even if silently they do.

The wrongs in the world persists because good people don’t speak up and fight against the evil ones. Wake up and get united against the menacing lurking evil. Jihadis are destroying countries world over, so are we going to let it destroy our Nation too?